Table Tennis England believes that everyone should be able to access and play table tennis, regardless of their background or circumstance. We are proud of our commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion and are confident that we demonstrate this through governance, projects, and programmes.

#LevelTheTable Pledge Wall

What members of the table tennis community are doing to contribute to making the ball bounce the same for everybody.

Priya Samuel

Independent Director – Table Tennis England Board

“Ensure Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is an agenda item at all Board meetings and committee meetings.”

Sept 2022 update:

I have followed through on my pledge by ensuring EDI is discussed at Board meetings, as well as asking other Board members who lead on committees about the ways they have included EDI in their committee meetings. I have also followed up regarding the Honours Committee, asking how they are to become more inclusive with their Honours nomination

Hannah Holland

Marketing and Communications Manager

“I pledge to speak up if I hear something which makes me, or others feel uncomfortable.”  

“I pledge to share more diverse imagery in our communications.”

Sept 2022 update:

An embodiment of my pledge is the new women and girls look and feel that Hopscotch Consulting have developed. We have also appointed a new women & girls photographer to create a stock of imagery showing women and girls from diverse backgrounds. With regards to finding suitable models for our women and girls photography, working in line with my pledge has made me more aware of the demographic of the females attending the sessions. One thing I’ve learned is that although not everyone has the same viewpoint as you, it’s still important to speak up anyway. 

Andrea Holt

Club Support Officer

“I pledge to always try to think and talk about diversity and inclusion when I visit and communicate with Premier Clubs and Associate Clubs. How can I help our clubs to become more diverse and inclusive to help them grow participation and memberships.”

“I pledge to look at ways of recruiting and attracting more girls, disabled,  BAME and 17+ young people onto Table Tennis England’s Young Ambassador programme”

Sept 2022 update:

The YA programme is still a work in progress at trying to make it more inclusive. When I speak with clubs, I do encourage them to look at recruiting girls, and I have been highlighting the TTE LTT strategy that clubs need to be aware of. I try to ensure that they think about behaviour change within their clubs and encourage them to look at different ways of how they market new sessions to attract Women and Girls; they can’t just promote as one, when these are 2 different segments of society that have different wants and needs. I am still very keen and motivated to help TTE to achieve gender parity within table tennis and to make the sport fairer and more inclusive for women and girls. 

Judy Rogers

Safeguarding and Ethics Manager

“I pledge to continue to support and educate to assist everyone in understanding we all have a role to play in challenging what makes us feel uncomfortable.”

“I will challenge anything either spoken or by actions that I feel is discriminatory to anyone.”

Sept 2022 update:

I pledge to challenge anything whether it is spoken or an action that I believe to be discriminatory by educating and supporting people to understand the impact their words or actions may have.

Juliet Bertie

Ethnically Diverse Communities Focus Group

” I pledge to champion Diversity and Inclusion at Table Tennis England and am committed to share my experience and expertise to achieve equitable outcomes for all.”

Sept 2022 update:

I am particularly proud that I have been able to contribute to shaping the Level the Table Strategy, giving feedback, advice and guidance in order to make improvements. Highlights for me as a Women’s and Girls Ambassador is that I was able to champion diversity during the Commonwealth Games Roadshows by showcasing to local communities that females, especially black females can play and be included in the sport, and that the phrase “you have to see it to be it” came to life with many young black girls having a go and picking up a bat for the first time. I stand by my current pledge; as the late James Baldwin said, “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” I feel that having my pledge in mind has made me delve a little further with my interactions with the Table Tennis Community. I like to always look at things from an intersectional angle considering the multiple barriers individuals face and what support can be given. I would say the difficulty about keeping my pledge would be time. If I had more time I would be able to do so much more. I do hope though where I have been able to input it has been invaluable. 

Keith McIntosh

Ping in the Community Champion – Leyland Lancashire

“I pledge to help make ‘Table Tennis Therapy’ available to people who are living with Parkinson’s or Dementia”

Sept 2022 update:

The Leyland St Andrew’s ‘Ping in the Community’ Group will be holding their monthly Table Tennis Therapy session on Saturday morning offering Dementia & Parkinson’s Friendly 🏓 activities.  

3 of our Leyland Table Tennis Therapy – Ping Ping Parkinson’s group took part in the recent UK National Parkinson’s TT Championship in Scotland.

Susie Venner

Deputy Chairman – Table Tennis England

“I pledge to always try to make table tennis a sport for all, for life.”

Matt Stanforth

Head of England Performance

“I pledge to proactively increase my own, and our team’s understanding of diversity and inclusion in order that the talent pathway can maximise its opportunity to identify and develop talent individuals, both in terms of players and staff, to increase our ability to be successful as a national team as well as being reflective of our diverse society.”

Steve Kemish

Independent Director – Table Tennis England Board

“I pledge to continue to try and help make table tennis a sport and community for all for life.”

Sandra Deaton

Chair – Table Tennis England Board

“I pledge to continue to always consider all aspects of our sport and strive to make the participation opportunities available to all.”

Don Parker

Elected Director – Table Tennis England Board

“I pledge to do my best to encourage a Table Tennis England talent pathway that promotes inclusivity and diversity.”

Chris Turner

Youth Participation Lead

“I pledge to be proactive in my approach to support organisations to provide inclusive playing opportunities for young people.”

Ryan Morton

Chairman of Bishop Auckland TTC

“Bishop Auckland TTC pledges to support and educate all those involved about inclusion and diversity in our sessions, hoping to increase participation.”

Tony Dias

Ethnically Diverse Communities Focus Group

“I pledge to increase and improve the diversity of people in my table tennis league.”

Jenny Leach

National Participation Manager

“I pledge to review our programmes and products to ensure they are inclusive and accessible for all”

“I pledge to listen to women and girls in table tennis, to make the sport a sport for all.”

Colin Eley

Partnerships Manager (Mass Market)

“I pledge to ensure Table Tennis England’s partnerships share our same ambition to be more inclusive and diverse, and programmes enable more ‘ping pong for the people’, all people!”

Aled Howell

Coaching and Education Manager

“I pledge to provide our educational services as accessible for all!”

Brian Jackson

Chairman – Blackpool TTC

“We pledge to increase the diversity of young volunteers and officials, particularly girls and women, who support the delivery of our coaching, competitions & events.”

Chris Newton

Adult Participation Lead

“I pledge to help create a more diverse Technical Officials Workforce.”

Claire Warner

Clubs, Schools and Leagues Manager

“I pledge to listen to the feedback from clubs, leagues and schools to shape a meaningful offer of support that enables progress against ambitions for diversity and inclusion.”

“I pledge to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of support programmes for clubs, leagues and schools.”

Vidal Graham

Head Coach at Grantham College

“I pledge to have an open door policy at my academy and to make all sessions and camps that I am involved with as cheap as possible to insure that everyone can be included no matter their background.”

Kate Hughes

Welfare Officer and Coach – Colebridge Table Tennis Club

“I pledge to increase the number of female participants, coaches and volunteers in table tennis.

Julie Snowdon

Senior Design and Marketing Officer

“I pledge to ensure all communications and imagery from Table Tennis England reflect diversity and inclusion.”

Leeroy Pye

Co-founder of LinQsport

“We pledge to continue to promote Diversity and Inclusion as a leading indicator for future equality in sport. As a leading focus for our brand, and in support of Table Tennis England, we remain 100% committed to growing participation in this sport, reflective of the different backgrounds and communities in England.”

Ritchie Venner

Elected Director – Table Tennis England Board

“I pledge to work towards removing any barriers which hinder players reaching their full potential.”